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TechCrunch, a startup in Y Combinator’s current class, is launching today to help coders learn from their peers in real time.

The way Livecoding works is pretty simple. Developers stream live video of themselves coding, and users watching can ask questions or give feedback.

Since launching a beta in February, Livecoding has seen 40,000 people sign up across 162 countries. Users have streamed in a variety of spoken languages, including Portuguese, Russian, and German, as well as coding languages, including C#, Python, and PHP.

Anyone who wants to stream about coding can do so, from expert coders to 11-year-old kids building their first Java game.

Similar to Periscope or Meerkat, you can follow individual users and receive notifications when they start a new live stream.

For professional coders, Livecoding can be a great place to source beta users or get feedback on a new app. Well-known programmer and physicist Stephen Wolfram, for instance, promoted his new programming…

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