Virtual Reality – Inception Inspiration



Lots of stuff recently in technology blogs are about Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality where we have a mix of virtual images/objects mixed with the real scene. Virtual Reality is, where there is no real scene, assuming that experiencing virtual reality is through eyes and the projection created by the headset is a virtual scene.

Virtual reality is an immersive multimedia experience for individuals,

hmm, why should it be restricted to individuals? Can’t group of people experience virtual reality, in the sense that currently headsets are presented to individuals and each individual experience the virtual scene. Its almost like a person listening to a music on a laptop with his own headphone. Whereas when a group of people enter a theatre/multiplex for watching a movie, they experience the music/movie using the medium provided by the theatre. So, there might come a possibility to provide a virtual reality experience, which might…

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Virtual Reality – Inception Inspiration