Holus Is A Tabletop Device That Turns Digital Media Into A 3D Hologram


Launched on Kickstarter this morning, Holus is a tabletop device that converts digital content into a 3D hologram. Created by H+ Technologies out of Vancouver, the campaign has nearly doubled its goal of $40,000 in its first 2 hours.

Don’t expect to use this to summon Obiwan with a seven-inch image of Princess Leia. Objects aren’t 3D in any sense we’re used to. Instead, the device is a square tabletop platform which encases a glass pyramid upon which media is projected from below. The result is an ostensibly 3D image which can be viewed from 360 degrees around the machine.

Holus comes in two versions: Pro and Home. While the Pro version is slightly bigger, the main difference is that it comes with an SDK license to develop apps for the device.

The company has developed an SDK that supports game engines like Unity3D and Unreal, as well as partner plugins…

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