A City View Of The Sharing Economy


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The sharing economy is growing and impacting cities. Collaborative consumption feeds into, and off of, desires for immediate gratification. With “on-demand everything” the way of the present and future, the need for comprehensive and accurate data is paramount.

Service efficiency and on-demand information are the primary game changers. City leaders are open to integrating sharing economy services more fully within their communities – and they want to capitalize on this opportunity. The ongoing safety and regulatory concerns that have arisen are still significant, though, and policies continue to change and adapt in cities nationwide.

The National League of Cities’ City Survey on the Sharing Economy: Shifting Perceptions of Collaborative Consumption identified three key benefits and concerns expressed by city leaders as they seek to embrace the sharing economy.

When city leaders were asked to identify the greatest benefit sharing economy businesses offer their communities, 22 percent…

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A City View Of The Sharing Economy