An Analysis of Minecraft-like Engines


Voxel engines are everywhere…

…and given the huge success of Minecraft, I think they are going to become a permanent fixture in the landscape of game engines.  Minecraft (and Infiniminer) live in a unique space somewhere between high-resolution voxels and static prefabricated environments.  Modifying a Minecraft world is both intuitive and elegant; you simply pick up and place blocks.  In many ways, it is the natural 3D generalization of older 2D tile based games.  Of course creating a Minecraft engine is much more challenging than making a 2D engine for a number of reasons.  First of all, it is in 3D and second it is generally expected that the environments must be much more dynamic, with interactive lighting, physics and so on.

When building a voxel game, it is important to choose a data structure for representing the world early on.  This decision more than any other has the greatest…

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An Analysis of Minecraft-like Engines