Kolibri Operating System Game Competition 2014

At KolibriOS project we are holding a competition to write your own game for KolibriOS. The game can be a new one written from scratch, or port of your own game that you once wrote for another OS, in case you did not port it to KolibriOS yet.

The game can be written in any language that KolibriOS auto-build system supports (FASM, NASM, Sphinx C–, GCC/G++, MSVC), although FASM is naturally the preferred language. You have to provide full source code of the game under one of the Open-Source licenses. You can use existing sprites/animations/bitmaps that you acquired from anywhere, given that they are also provided under one of the Open-Source licenses. To qualify for the competition, your game should be built automatically from sources by the auto-build script on our SVN.

Deadline for submitting your work is 31/12/2014 24:00 MSK (21:00 GMT). Winners will be selected by voting. Prizes for winners are:
1st place – $1,000
2nd place – $500
3rd place – $250

Full rules (in Russian) are available here: http://habrahabr.ru/company/kolibrios/blog/243081/ (you can try Google Translate)
Additional questions you can ask in this thread, in our forum ( http://board.kolibrios.org/ ), in the chat of our forum ( http://board.kolibrios.org/chat.php ) or in our IRC channel (#kolibrios @ Freenode)

Kolibri Operating System Game Competition 2014