Mapping the Mind: Freud vs. Jung

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A Brief History of Psychology: The Study of the Soul

It must be understood that psychology as a discipline, at least how we think of it today, did exist in antiquity.  There were fairly well thought systems of belief however that framed psychology, the study of the soul, within the context of not only questions about from whence we came, i.e. the ultimate source of things, but also of its immortality, and its relationship in general – particularly in Platonic circles – with the realm of intelligibles which for all intents and purposes was its domain.   There was no question to the ancients that man (and woman) had a soul, there were however questions as to whether or not animals (or plants for that matter) had Souls, whether or not the Soul persisted after death, and whether or not the actions in this life would have a long standing effect…

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