Let’s talk about WiRRsiP

White book on IP Convergence

Before answering what is wirrsip question, first I need you to imagine something that could make it be possible that in some way, made one unified signal just when you move on wheels or when you travel.

wirrsip devices, are something, very new. It converges with everything

Let’s go step by step. WIRRSIP is something very, very new, so there are some confidential information, that can’t be shared yet. In fact, I will select, as I told you before part of my team from this Group.

So all the “in a future developed” information will be shared with that team when moment comes.
Be sure of one think. We have thusands of stakeholders looking us, just know.

On the other hand, I want you to investigate, as this group is our prime e-learning.

First one question…¿Difference on Protocol and Device? (I prefer to use Disposititve than Device because Wirrsip Is Both).

Second..we need a plasticine.
Third. Sectors. Think of what sectorial applications will…

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Let’s talk about WiRRsiP