internet: lo que siempre debio ser, BITCLOUD

internet: lo que siempre debio ser, BITCLOUD

We will have to start by decentralizing the current Internet, and then we can create a new Internet to replace it. If you’re interested in privacy, security, ending Internet censorship, decentralizing the Internet, and creating a new mesh network to replace the Internet, then you should join or support this project.

If you’re a developer who sees the potential implications of this project, send an email to
If you’re someone who wants to help the project in any other way (web design, marketing, graphics design, etc.), send an email to
We don’t think it would be appropriate to take donations at this time, so please hold off on that for now.

We can also be found on…
Twitter: @bitcloudproject
Reddit: /r/bitcloud
Our Website : (In Development)
Freenode IRC: #bitcloud
Github Repository:


2 thoughts on “internet: lo que siempre debio ser, BITCLOUD

  1. virgilio leonardo ruilova castillo says:

    BBC dice:

    Bitcloud aims to harness the same methods used to mine Bitcoins, to provide services currently controlled by internet service providers (ISPs) and corporations.

    Individuals would perform tasks such as storing, routing and providing bandwidth, in return for payment.

    The founders are searching for developers for the project


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